The Sandy Pilgrims EP

by The Sandy Pilgrims

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This is a group of songs we have been writing and recording for the last few years. We wanted to finish this record as school was ending and band members were moving away from Chicago. We are extremely proud of this record, and we hope you enjoy it!


released August 14, 2014

Recorded in Chicago and St. Louis 2013-2014

Album Art: Libby McGuire

The Sandy Pilgrims:

Ryan Bedell
Mikey Dienstbach
Jake Stolz
Mike Tynan



all rights reserved


The Sandy Pilgrims Chicago, Illinois

With a smooth blend of folk, acoustic rock, and blues, this four-piece creates rich tunes with warm vocal harmonies, intricate instrumentation, and original song structures.

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Track Name: Appalacia
All the way out there, she is sitting in the window seat
With ocean eyes, the look that meets me, says she doesn't need me
And makes me a stray dog on board this trade cog
For idiosyncrasies that don't say who we are

Tell me why our destinations are always begging to find beginnings
I'm so scared that all the stars are gonna shine down on all our sinning
And there are many things I fight for, but I know that I'm not winning anything
Maybe some eastern ocean sky can hold me against the signs that I'm dying

What else can I do, I course my body through the wires
You've become a complication and I've become so tired
From a moving train I'm looking out into abject opaque suns that never move
Or show outside the windows

I just wanna be somewhere with steady hills that I can live behind
Pennsylvania, West Virginia, they have always been my states of mind
A billion suns bursting, falling off with no objections
And between me and them is a spectrum of reflections

Aren't we all little spiders
Taking space up in the hours
Aren't we all little tiny spiders
With our translucent messages
Taking hours and hours to sink into the dirt
They take hours and hours

Maybe those blue ocean eyes could hold me against the signs
As I watch America go by
Maybe these green mountainside could hold me against the signs
As I watch America go by
Track Name: The Greatest Lake
Sea bird hopping one rock to another
They never leap into the Greatest Lake
Looking out from the church I'm searching for a mother
In the calmest water I have ever seen

The kind and smiling clouds, the sun is shining through
And there's a crystal clear horizon, and a black balloon
Limp, feathering down to the surface
It makes no ripple in the mild cerulean

A slow pontoon grumbles by
As the distant dusk tries to pry
Open wide the faceless clouds
And I grin and I open my eyes and I don't know why

I grin, I open my eyes, and I don't know why
Track Name: Fate Tectonics
The first time that you bent your wrist
And the first time you made a fist
You planned out your whole life
Like every boy you'll kiss
In your hand for all time
In the lines

Well that's if you believe the palmistry

Every time that your eyes pinch
And every time your fingers flinch
It's a chemical pathway
And it's pulsing through your nerveways
And oh it's hard to explain, but if you believe

If you believe the chemistry

If you believe
If you believe
If you believe the philosophy, the biology, the causality
If you believe in the destiny, if you believe, if you believe

Fate tectonics shifting in your eye sockets
Track Name: Being Young Together
Being young together
Being young together
Hiding in the heathers
Collecting little feathers
Being young together

For a year, I laid down fallow in the lukewarm shallows, and I was slouching through the snow. But your eyes flitting briefly before mine like two little mice in a field we sow. And we walked together in the copiousness of June, and I almost said, "I love you," as the summer waned and the trees all lost their hue.

I take my little victories. I know what I can change and what I can't change when I'm walking down the street. Cuz our lives HAPPENED this way, and are HAPPENING this way and will always HAPPEN this way in the grand range of time and motion and my casted memory.

Breathe out. Breathe out again. Breathe out.
Breathe out. Breathe out again. Breathe out.
Breathe out. Breathe out again. Breathe out.
Breathe out. Breathe out again. Because

There is always a little bit of air in your lungs
So breathe out the old, breathe in the young
Track Name: In the Autumn of Our Lives
I met an old woman who couldn't talk, but she could sing
I met an old man who couldn't walk, but he could dance

So lovely how the oblivescence can take our minds
And the senescence can take our bodies
But nothing ever can take our soul

This old woman who couldn't talk
Could sing like the first dewdrops of the springtime
This old man who couldn't even walk
Could dance like the sunset trickling through the trees in the summer

And it's so lovely how the oblivescence can take our minds
And the senescence can take our bodies
But nothing ever can take our soul

In the autumn of our lives
In the autumn of our times
In the autumn of our lives
Leaves from the trees in the autumn of our
Track Name: Mantra
And the brimming sun spills...

Two drops of gold on your folded eyelids
And you taste my teeth as I steady your chin
And the moon draws light from your indigo skin
But I don't know where you start and Heaven begins

And I will carry your bundle of burdens on my back
And keep the brazier buckle latched on the bosom that you lack
But the other lapse I'll look right at

You are gonna nurse me when I'm drunk
And paint me when I'm blank
Teach me when I'm dumb
You don't gotta ---- me in the rain
Just feed me sugar in my pain

Because I believe in a different Jesus
But there ain't no god who believes in us
And I read a different Bhagavad Gita
But there ain't no tome tellin' the story of us
And I breathe a different Brahman
But there ain't no ocean big enough to drown and swallow us
And I see a different Shiva
But we only need four arms
We only need for arms

And the truth of the beauty's not the good
And the beauty of the truth is not the good
And we are two goodnesses
And the good is good is good